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The story

"Al Castello" (to The Castle) is the name by which this hotel and restaurant has always been named by the local population, apparently a medieval castle, it is actually a historic manor house, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, originally owned by the Caccia family , named feudatory of Sillavengo by the Duke of Milan, Gian Galeazzo Sforza, in 1483.

After the nineteenth century, the manor house ownership moved to Gorini family, and over the centuries the Castle has seen several renovations, up to the nineteenth with the creation of a façade along the front of the villa in the style of the ramparts of a castle, complete with central towers and large main entrance doors with corner towers.

Today the structure preserves the marvelous scenic façade, the frescoed halls that portray the events of the Caccia family and the typical coat of arms of the family. The Sala Grande (main room), known as the "Sala delle Colonne", was formerly the stuble. Characterized by rows of stone columns that support a vaulted brick ceiling, today it hosts weddings, events and ceremonies, becoming a theater of emotions. In the corridors of the hotel it is possible to admire an exhibition donated by the family of Paolo Caccia Dominioni who narrate the tragic events of the EI Alamein battle.

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